WHO WE ARE

We are a small two provider private practice. We opened our doors January 15th 2001. Dr.Schiff-Slater and Dr.Murray-James received their medical doctorates from the Univsersity of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. Schiff-Slater completed his residency at the Maine Dartmouth Family Practice Residency Program in Augusta, Maine. Dr.Murray-James completed his residency program in Lewiston.
                               WE ARE A PRIVATE PRACTICE
                         As such, we are responsible for all the goings on in our practice. In essence, "The buck stops here".
                     If there is something that you are not satisfied with regarding how you are treated,the surrounding
                     environment, etc. We would like to hear about it. The private practice model also carries with it a strong
                     commitment to staying in this area, We are here for the long run.